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This fine grain glitter is a combination of the prettiest silvery and gold tones. Amazing for queens who can't decide which colour they prefer! Looks beautiful all over the body. A great combo with any of our other colours but especially Moonbeam!

☆★☆ How to apply your Pixielure Glitters ☆★☆

For face glitter:
- Apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to your skin on your desired glitter area with a flat makeup brush
- With another dry and clean brush, scoop up your glitter and apply on top of your primed area
- Pat, smooth and spread your glitter liberally until you achieve your desired glittery-ness!
- Don't be afraid to layer or mix your glitters for EXTRA fezzie vibes

For glitter hair:
- Similar to your skin, prime your desired glitter area on your hair by spraying hairspray onto your hair and scalp
- Ensuring the hairspray is still wet, quickly pack your glitter onto your hair using your fingers or sprinkling straight from the tub
- Use liberally to ensure your festival hair glitter effect is at its sparkliest!
- We recommend spraying extra layers of hairspray over the top of your glitter layer and repeating until you're happy for ultimate festival hair goals

☆★☆ Pixielure Biodegradable Glitter Range ☆★☆

Does anything else scream festival look more than glitzy gorgeous glitter?

All of our glitters are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly - so you can sparkle yourself up until your heart is content, guilt free!